Philémon Kivuvu Musul Philémon Kivuvu Musul

Philémon Kivuvu Musul is managing partner and chairman of Calmaco sprl. Established in 2006, the firm specializes in the quarrying and processing of limestone.

The plant is situated at Kingabwa in the municipality of Limete, Kinshasa. It primarily produces limestone powder and quartz. It owns a limestone quarry with a surface
area of 2 ha at 250 km south of the industrial estate near the village of Kiyula in the Bas-Congo Province.

Philémon Kivuvu Musul takes social concerns for his personnel to heart : he sees to it that salaries are paid on time, including a thirteenth month’s salary at the end of the year, and also pays for the health care of employees and their families. At the start of the school year, Calmaco pays for part of the school supplies according to the number of children of each employee.

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