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Corporate Governance in DR Congo Fund


The Corporate Governance in the DR Congo Fund (
awards a biennial Prize to an outstanding Congolese Entrepreneur.
This prize aims to give a positive image of the company in the DRC which is participating in the economic
development of the country for the benefit of the Congolese population. It is aimed at promoting good
business practices in order to inspire the private sector in general. Furthermore, the award seeks to
promote a Congolese entrepreneur at home and abroad.

Since 2013, the Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries (BIO) joined the Fund as sponsor for the award.
In 2014 the winner of the Prize is Philémon Kivuvu Musul of CALMACO SPRL.


Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries (BIO)







Development through Investment
BIO ( is a private company whose capital is held by the Belgian state. The mission of
BIO is to support a strong private sector in developing and/or emerging countries, to enable them to
gain access to growth and sustainable development with the aim to achieving the Millennium
Development Goals. BIO invests directly in private sector projects and as such makes a structural
contribution to the socio-economic growth of those host countries. Its mandate requires strict criteria
in terms of geographical targets, financing tools and, above all, impact on development.


King Baudouin Foundation


King Baudouin Foundation





Working together for a better society
The King Baudouin Foundation ( is an independent, pluralistic foundation working in
Belgium and at the European and international level. We seek to change society for the better, so we
invest in inspiring projects and individuals.
In 2013 we provided a total of 28 million euro in support to 2,000 organizations and individuals. A total
of 2,000 people generously made their expertise available on independent juries, steering groups and
advisory committees. The Foundation also organizes round table discussions on important social issues,
shares research results through (free) publications, enters into partnerships and encourages
philanthropy, working ‘through’ rather than ‘for’ the King Baudouin Foundation.
The Foundation was set up in 1976, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of King Baudouin’s reign.